Barbados Historic Treasures

Bridgetown and the Historic Garrison have been nominated as a World Heritage Site. In the late seventeenth century Barbados was basking in wealth made from sugar, the British Army and Navy regional headquarters and the Bridgetown port.

Today, there is a fascinating legacy of ancient buildings:- the oldest synagogue in the western hemisphere, the house where George Washington stayed for 50 days, one of only three Jacobean Great Houses in the Western Hemisphere, over 50 coral limestone sugar windmills introduced by Dutch Jews in 1644 and several 350 year old gothic churches.

Mallalieu Motor Collection

Mallalieu Motor Collection South-Coast, Barbados

The Mallalieu Motor Collection presents a tangible history of motoring in Barbados and the Barbados Rally Club in particular which was founded in 1957. Owner, Bill Mallalieu, welcomes visitors.

Barbados Concorde Experience

Barbados Concorde Experience South-East-Coast, Barbados

A state of the art interactive museum featuring one of the legendary supersonic Concorde aircraft. Visitors can actually step aboard or get the simulated feeling of flying that amazing aircraft.

Exclusive Cottons of the Caribbean

Exclusive Cottons of the Caribbean Countryside, Barbados

The Exclusive Cottons of the Caribbean Ginnery and Visitor Centre offers fascinating guided tours and a gift shop featuring Barbados' remarkable, regal cotton and cotton derivatives!

Nidhe Israel Synagogue and Museum

Nidhe Israel Synagogue and Museum Bridgetown, Barbados

The Nidhe Israel Synagogue, founded in 1654, is the oldest Jewish synagogue still in use in the western hemisphere. The well kept synagogue has a state of the art museum, a Mikvah and graves from 1658

Morgan Lewis Windmill

Morgan Lewis Windmill Countryside, Barbados

The Morgan Lewis Windmill is one of more than 500 used in the production of sugar in Barbados, that still remains intact. It is maintained by the Barbados National Trust and has magnificent views.

Garrison Historic Area

Garrison Historic Area South-Coast, Barbados

The Historic Garrison is the most structurally complete 18th and 19th century British Colonial Garrison in the world. Along with Bridgetown, it has been nominated as a World Heritage Site.

Codrington College

Codrington College Countryside, Barbados

You can't miss Codrington College as you drive along because of its characteristic magnificent row of Royal Palms which line its splendid driveway and beautiful large lily pond.

George Washington House

George Washington House South-Coast, Barbados

George Washington House is the only house outside the USA where Washington ever resided. The handsome Georgian-style house has been restored and furnished as a typical plantation house.

Museum of Parliament and National Heroes Gallery

Museum of Parliament and National Heroes Gallery Bridgetown, Barbados

A small, high quality state of art museum presenting the history of Barbados' parliament, formed in 1639 and a gallery of artistic installations cleverly depicting Barbados' nine National Heroes.

Sunbury House

Sunbury House Countryside, Barbados

  • 360 Panoramic View

Sunbury House, a fascinating 300 year old plantation house in the countryside of Barbados filled with antiques, is open for tours everyday and specializes in private functions of all sizes.


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